by Trish Vasquez March 19, 2024

SCREEN Intl – Bob Trevino Likes It Review

‘Bob Trevino Likes It’: SXSW Review

Barbie Ferreira and John Leguizamo shine in multiple SXSW winner

An unexpected online friendship leads to a journey of self-discovery in Tracie Laymon’s feature debut. Featuring strong performances from actress/model Barbie Ferreira (Nope, TV’s Euphoria) and John Leguizamo as lonely people making a connection, along with confident steering from Laymon (who has previously directed award-wining shorts like Mixed Signals and Ghosted), this emotional drama already had much to recommend it before its SXSW Narrative Feature Competition Grand Jury and Audience Award wins. Festivals and distributors should certainly take notice as the film travels on to Miami in April.

As the colour palette warms, the score grows more optimistic and both Lily and Bob begin to find their individual voices, Bob Trevino Likes It resonates as a celebration of friendship, and the small acts of everyday kindness that have their own redemptive power.