by Trish Vasquez March 11, 2024

Hollywood Reporter – BTLI SXSW Review

‘Bob Trevino Likes It’ Review: Barbie Ferreira and John Leguizamo Earn Your Tears in a Touching Dramedy of Connectio

The first time Lily (Barbie Ferreira) sits down with a new counselor in Bob Trevino Likes It, we hear only snippets of the backstory she lays out in rambling, rapid-fire detail. Even so, it’s evident it’s a dark one: “Despite what my father says, I’m pretty sure it was not all my fault,” she says of being abandoned by her mother at age four. And it’s made only more heartbreaking by the way she presents it — with the chipper, matter-of-fact cadence of a woman who’s been carrying the pain for so long she’s become totally inured to it.

As Lily wraps up her spiel with a smile, she’s startled to realize the counselor has burst into tears; in the end, Lily has to comfort herabout how sad Lily’s own life is. But that counterintuitive mix of tones is Bob Trevino Likes It in a nutshell. Like its heroine, the comedy can be bright and bouncy and frequently funny. But also like her, it’s secretly a tearjerker, and never more effectively than when it’s at its very sweetest.

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