by Trish Vasquez February 9, 2023

US Sales Executives See Opportunities at EFM 2023

Now the evolving overall strategy at Myriad is to focus on commercial titles and bigger budgets.

Running parallel to that, Myriad has been getting on board projects at an earlier stage. It helped with casting and financing on April Mullen’s sci-fi thriller Simulant (formerly Hello Stranger) with Sam Worthington, Simu Liu and Jordana Brewster, and contributed to financing and closed key pre-sales, which helped entice equity partners. Vertical will release Simulant in the US in May.

D’Amico continues to work with Photon Films, headed by Mark Slone, to grow the Canadian all-rights distributor. D’Amico and his wife Zanne Devine co-founded Photon, which distributed Joanna Hogg’s The Eternal Daughter north of the border in conjunction with A24’s US release.