by Trish Vasquez June 24, 2024

The Throwback Review: A Hilarious Reminder to Cherish Your Mom

Being a mother is hard work. Justina Machado’s The Throwback, a hilarious family comedy about finding time for yourself, the power of familial love, and what it means to be a “supermom” can truly be summed up in that one sentence. But the movie isn’t just about the bad moments, or the crisis, it’s also about how to get through those and come out on the other side better.

Directed by Mario Garcia, the movie goes hard on the Latina mom stereotypes, but it does so in a way that feels organic. That’s one of the benefits of Latines telling their own stories – and it is perhaps what makes The Throwback a film that feels fun and dynamic instead of a biting criticism of a culture someone doesn’t understand. It’s kind of when they say I can make fun of my sister, but no one else can.

The Throwback is just that.

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