About the Film


WALKING SUPPLY tells the thrilling survival story of three men who escape a Russian labor camp and must overcome the treacherous wilderness and each other as their journey turns into a brutal fight for survival. The film opens with an armed raid on the Russian offices of an international corporation. Brutally kidnapped and taken hostage, some of the workers end up in a labor camp in the middle of nowhere. Two hardened inmates Kurt and Anthony, save Henry from the lecherous grip of another inmate and his henchman. Henry finds himself in a position to help his new associates escape, igniting a chaotic prison break that engulfs the men and the other prisoners. Those who make it out alive will face several days of deadly terrain and grueling obstacles in their quest to survive.

Director: Derek Barnes

Writers: Derek Barnes, James McDougall, Douglas Nyback

Starring: James McDougall, Douglas Nyback, Joel Labelle

James Mark, Bruno Marino, Todd Slater

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