About the Film


The remarkable, true, survival story of a Jewish boy hiding in the forests of Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe during WWII. Based on the memoir THE BOY IN THE WOODS by Maxwell Smart and inspired by the award-winning feature documentary CHEATING HITLER by Rebecca Snow. Myriad Pictures is excited to share that THE BOY IN THE WOODS will be part the 2023 Industry Selects lineup. Screening for accredited buyers during the Festival, this curated selection of 12 films go beyond the Official Selection, and are all available for worldwide acquisition. Myriad Pictures is handling worldwide sales.

Director/Writer: Rebecca Snow

Starring: Jett Klyne, Richard Armitage, David Kohlsmith

Robert Budreau & Jonathan Bronfman

Kirk D’Amico, Maxwell Smart, Mark Slone, Patrick Patterson, Joel Rilley

Film Updates

MJFF 2024 Award Winners, ‘The Boy in the Woods’

Torchbearer Award: The Boy in the Woods Rebecca Snow, Director • Canada “The inaugural Torchbearer Award is given to The Boy in the Woods, a work that goes beyond mere entertainment, serving as a powerful conduit for remembrance. This film has fearlessly explored the origins and repercussions of one of

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