Now available from GRAVITAS VENTURES

Myriad Pictures is pleased to represent over 175 features and documentaries from prolific US distributor—Gravitas Ventures.  Films in all genres and featuring well-known cast – such as Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons, Alec Baldwin, Constance Wu, Tye Sheridan, and many more – are available now.


Synopsis: Looks That Kill is a dark comedy about Max Richards (Brandon Flynn), a teenage boy born with a medical condition of being lethally attractive, who is changed forever when he meets Alex, a girl with her own bizarre ailment, who aids him on his quest of self-discovery… without accidentally killing someone.

Directed by: Kellen Moore
Cast: Brandon Flynn, Julia Goldani Telles, Ki Hong Lee, and Annie Mumolo

Odd Man Rush (2020)

Synopsis : Playing on the fringes of minor league hockey after graduating from Harvard, twenty-four-year-old Bobby Sanders skates closer to his ever-elusive NHL dream in northern Sweden surrounded by a motley group of teammates including a hefty part-time construction worker and a free-wheeling, fast-talking hustler from South Florida. As Bobby’s relationship with the blonde checkout girl at the local supermarket blossoms into something more than a crush, he is soon forced to confront the reality of his childhood NHL dream before the Hockey Gods intervene.

Cast : Jack Mulhern, Dylan Playfair, Elektra Kilbey, Trevor Gretzky, Bjorn Alexander, Toliver Harris

Insight (2021)

Synopsis: Two brothers, Jian (Ken Zheng) and Bao, are martial artist with extraordinary ability of clairvoyance. Despite sharing a strong bond during their childhood due to surviving their father’s abuse together, the two grew apart and choose different paths in life. Having not seen each other for several years, Jian one day hears a shocking news; Bao apparently committed suicide in Los Angeles. Jian refuses to believe that his brother would commit suicide and resolves himself uncover what really happened to his brother. He flew to the US to investigate and find justice for Bao’s death. LA detective Abby (Madeline Zima) and Carl (Tony Todd) under Captain Duke (Keith David) became involved in the investigation. Initially, they did not believe in Jian’s sixth sense. But, after Jian helped solve a case, Abby began to believe in his intuition. Together they sought justice and risked their lives fighting against a high-tech criminal who sought to exploit the sibling’s ability for his own gain.


Directed by : Livi Zheng, Ken Zheng
Cast : Ken Zheng, Madeline Zima, Sean Patrick Flanery, John Savage, Adam Huss, Tony Todd , Keith David

Race to Glory : The Emil Zatopek Story (2022)

Synopsis: Autumn 1968, the Australian running record holder Ron Clarke heads to Prague, in the hope that his old friend and role model, Emil Zátopek, the most famous Czech athlete of all time, will help him overcome the biggest crisis of his career. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Audience Award.

Directed by: David Ondříček
Cast: Václav Neužil(Anthropoid, Mothers), Martha Issová (The Zookeepers Wife, Perfect Days), James Frecheville (The Drop, The Dry)

The Free Fall (2022)

Synopsis: After attempting to take her own life, a young woman must wrestle with an overbearing husband

Directed by: Adam Stilwell
Cast: Andrea Londo, Shawn Ashmore, Jane Badler 

Funny Thing About Love (2021)

Synopsis: Samantha Banks is a successful business with a handsome fiancee. But over one crazy Thanksgiving Holiday with her scheming family, her whole world is thrown into a tailspin when they invite her ex-boyfriend, “the one that got away”. 

Directed by: Adam White
Cast: Jon Heder, Barry Corbin, Summer Bellessa, Kevan Moezzi, Jason Gray, Brooke White, Pat Finn, Alaina Beauloye, Taylor Moriarty, Brady Ellsworth, Landen Adams

Attack Of The Unknown (2020)

Synopsis: A SWAT team transporting a vicious crime syndicate boss find themselves trapped inside a county detention center as the world burns around them. They have no communication with the outside world and must band together to escape the bloodthirsty alien forces attacking them.

Director: Brandon Slagle
 Cast: Richard Grieco, Tara Reid, Robert LaSardo

Charming the Hearts of Men (2021)

Synopsis: A romantic drama set during the politically charged early 60s where a sophisticated woman returns to her southern home town and discovers her options are limited yet discrimination is plentiful. With the help of a Congressional ally, she inspires historic legislation which allows opportunities and protections never before afforded to women.

Directed by: S.E. DeRose
Cast: Kelsey Grammer, Anna Friel, Sean Astin, Courtney Gains

Baby Done (2020)

Synopsis: Wannabe-adventurer Zoe freaks out when she falls pregnant to her long-term boyfriend Tim. As Tim embraces the prospect of fatherhood, Zoe attempts to rush through her dreams.

Directed by: Curtis Vowell
Cast: Rose Matafeo,  Matthew Lewis, Emily Barclay, Rachel House