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Ben and his slacker friend, Tanner play a prank on their high school physics professor. When she fails them on a test, they teach the demanding instructor a lesson by falsely accusing her of murder on social media.

About the Film

Rita Moreno stars, in a role unlike any other you've seen, in THE PRANK. She plays Mrs. Wheeler, the cruel physics teacher that threatens to fail the class for cheating. Among Mrs.Wheeler's critics are best-friends, Ben and Tanner. Ben has big plans and Tanner is slacker with social media smarts. With Ben’s college future now in jeopardy, the friends set out to get revenge but, what seems like an innocent little prank turns into a mystery caper where the entire high-school faculty are suspect.

Director: Maureen Bharoocha

Writers: Rebecca Flinn-White, Zak White

Starring: Rita Moreno, Keith David, Connor Kalopsis, Ramona Young

Steven J. Wolfe

Michael Y. Chow, Glenn Rigberg