DIRECTOR: Jonathan Hopkins (Slumber)

Cast: Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace November Man Oblivion)


Anastasiya (Olga Kurylenko), a refugee mother from New York searching for her lost son, must face an unexpected threat with the help of EVE, a woman caught between humanity and the grip of the relentless virus that is programmed to eradicate individual identity and fuse mankind into a single consciousness. Recognizing that her liberator holds the key to defeating their technological enemy, Anastasiya vows to escort her to the safety of the refugee camp. Following them, are infected, technologically enhanced humans determined to block humanity's escape from A.I. control. When the coordinates to the hidden refugee camp fall into Anastasiya’s possession, she becomes a primary target for assimilation, or annihilation. Battling her way through a wild, unfamiliar landscape of a pristine Scottish wilderness, Anastasiya is rescued by a woman with the unique ability to remove the virus with her nano-enhanced brain and upgraded body. When they finally make it to the refugee camp, Anastasiya is forced to choose between her son’s life or saving humanity.

Status: Pre Production

Genre: Thriller, Action, Sci Fi