Nov 17
Sneak Peek: Bailee Madison Stars in Freeform's New Movie 'Holiday Joy'

Bailee Madison is feeling that moment when you get a brand new bed and have to just jump in it!

The young actress is starring in a new Freeform movie called Holiday Joyand it’s premiering super soon!Here’s the summary: Joy Hockstatter (played by Bailee) has been trying to help her dad, Bob, hold the family together after her mom’s death a few years ago.Although only 15, she’s become a kind of surrogate mother to her brothers. Every day she looks across the street to the perfect house and family – the Wellmans.Now, after a freak accident (which involves some suspicious cards), Joy wakes up as one of the Wellmans, with a new mother, father and older sister! Her new life seems to have changed for the better, only now Bob and her brothers have taken a turn for the worse and the only one who recognizes Joy from her previous life is her old dog, Levi.

Holiday Joy will premiere on Thursday, December 8th @ 3PM ET/PT on Freeform.

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